Easy Unrar, unzip & zip

Rbigsoft Mobile Application Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (Policy) describes the types of information Rbigsoft (Company) collects through the Easy Unrar, Unzip & zip mobile application (Mobile App), and what The Company does with that information.

1. Information collected by the Mobile App

The Mobile App does not collect or share any personal information. 

The Mobile App collects anonymous data through the Google Analytics systems. The filenames and the files content are not collected. The following the data are collected to know the user behaviors : 

- The user has compressed a file,

- The user has extracted an archive file (only the file extension is identified (e.g. : .rar)),

- The user has opened an archive file,

- The user has clicked on the Mobile App premium page link,

- The message to buy the Mobile App premium version is displayed.

2. Third Party Content and Links to Third Party Content

Some of the content provided through the Mobile App may be hosted and served by third parties. In addition, the App may link to third party web sites, apps, or other content over which we have no control and which are governed by the privacy policies and business practices of those third parties. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or business practices of any third party.

The Mobile App includes (in the lite version) an interstitial ad provided by Google AdsMob.

3. Questions

If you have any questions regarding this Privacy Policy, you can contact us at rbigsoft@gmail.com